Hamfest Policy 2020 Sevier County Hamfest

2020 Sevier County Hamfest / Sevier County Amateur Radio Society 


Information Data / Policy for Hamfest 2020 Sevier County Hamfest  


Inside dealers, exhibitors, outside tailgate participants and others are to follow the following rules and procedures as listed below by The Sevier County Amateur Radio Society & Sevier County Fair Grounds 


All inside dealers, exhibitors and outside tailgate participants are fully responsible for collecting and reporting all federal, state and local taxes.  


Event Details


Smoking is not permitted inside the facility buildings utilized for the Hamfest event. 

The sale of inappropriate items such as knives, guns, explosives, dangerous chemicals, unlicensed software, videotapes, etc., pornographic materials and other items that are inappropriate shall not be exhibited or offered for sale. This includes any radio equipment that is not compliant with FCC Rules and Regulations..  

No Firearms or Adult Beverages are allowed, at the event, as  this is County Property.. 

Animals are allowed under leash, as well as service animals for the disabled or medical alerts. The individual is responsible for their pets action and shall not hold Sevier County Fair Grounds or Sevier County Amateur Radio Society for any type actions done by their pet. 

Signage or other items are not to be attached by (nails,or any adhesive type material )  or other damaging means at the facility for advertising or display, unless approved by the Sevier County Amateur Radio Society officers or Sevier County Fairgrounds Personal.. 

Electrical cords must be properly secured in walkways, so not one gets injured, again you are responsible for your actions and liable for anyone being injured do to your negligence.

 Neither the Sevier County Amateur Radio Society nor the Sevier County Fairgrounds shall be held responsible for any warranty or the condition of items sold by either the inside dealers, exhibitors or those in the outside tailgate area. Further, neither the Sevier County Amateur Radio Society nor Sevier County Fair Grounds shall be held liable for any injury occurring to participants at the event. 


Dealers and those setting up, inside and outside shall not leave unsold merchandise, boxes, and other trash upon their departure. 


Grand Prize Drawings, and Door Prizes, you must present your ticket stub to claim the Door Prizes  or Grand Prize.. Extra Tickets can be purchased from any staff member with tickets.. 


Anyone causing problems,(disturbance)  that violate City, County, State Laws will be asked to leave or removed by security ,and forfeit any prizes or refund.

We hope you have a great experience and a lot of fun..