Booth's Tables Sold

Event Details

These Booth / Tables Below  Are No Longer Available

#'s = 41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50, 51

 # 1 ,2, 53,54,52,58,59,60,

# 1,2,3,4,5,6,10, 11,12,13,14

Please Note: we show  as the  paid request come in, and will try to keep  up to date as  best as possible  ,, Thanks 

Exhibit Hall 2nd Main Room

Event Details

This is a layout of the Exhibit Hall Where Tables Can Be Rented

Cost is  $10.00 Per Table, There Is Electric At Most Of The Table Locations,

You Will Need To Provide Your Own UL Approved Power Cords & Power Strips, And Chairs ..You Can Pre Reserve Tables , BY The Numbers On The Tables, There Is No Guarantee , As It Will Go In First Come ,First Serve Basis, But We Will Place You As Close To The Location You Have Request,Along With A Email  You Need To Provide, Confirming Payment And Table.

You Can Send Your Payment By Check To :

Rick Sawaya Sr

2005 Spence Mountain Loop

Sevierville TN, 37876

Also Tickets Are Also Available This Does Not Include Admission Ticket Or Prize Tickets Which Are $ 5.00 Admission,  Grand Prize Tickets Are $ 5.00 Each Which Also Includes Door Prizes Given Out During The Event, WInners Of Door Prizes, Your  Ticket Will Be Placed BAck In The Drum  For Grand Prize...

If You Have Any Questions Email Me At The Email Located On The Home Page At The Bottom  Of The Home  Page...

Note Changes In Table Location  Total May Change If Requested By The Fairgrounds  Do To Max Occupancy .

NOTE !  We have more dealers attending this year, and will be in the Exhibit Hall, so tables may become limited, again its a 1st come  1st serve basis, thanks...

Area Location Information

March 28th, Saturday 2020

2020 Sevier County Hamfest

Gates Open AT 8:00 AM - Concludes At 4:00 PM

Testing Location To Be Announced At The Hamfest

Event Details

March 28th, Saturday 2020

2020 Sevier County Hamfest

Main St Market Building : Dealers -Clubs-Organizations  Room Permitting   These Will Be On A 1st Come 1st Serve Basis - Presentations can be done on the stag..

Exhibit Hall : Entrance  1st Room Will Be Dealers

Exhibit Hall : 2nd Room- Table 's & Dealers

Boneyard : Has 3 Blacktop Roads, 5  Area' s  To Set Up Along The Blacktop Road and On Each End.  Boneyard Is Free With The $5.00 Admission Ticket, You Can Bring Your Own Tents or Canopies, and Chairs, There Is No Electric In The Boneyard !! 

Parking : Parking Is Free,  Handicap Parking Available  By The Main Gate.

Staging Area Is AT The Pavillion , Where The Food Service Will Be, Along With Announcements And Drawings..

C-RV will be allowed In area's  provided by committee , in the boneyard, there is no electric in the boneyard ! 

Gates Open AT 8:00 AM - Concludes At 4:00 PM

Testing Location To Be Announced At The Hamfest