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 We are an amateur radio (ham radio) license preparation and education service dedicated to helping you develop the knowledge and skills you...

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 Learning about Electronics is the place to come to learn electronics. Attached to the Articles tab are articles that answer many questions ...

FC's Ham Radio Circuits

Ham radio circuits by W0RIO

Ham radio circuits by W0RIO

Lots of great information here ..

 Antennas are used to transmit and receive information through changes in the electromagnetic fields that surround them. This article is a p...


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PL-259 connector installation on a RG-213 (or RG-8) coaxial cable

PL-259 connector installation on a RG-213 (or RG-8) coaxial cable


Pl-259 Solder On Installation Guide for RG8X Coaxial Cable

Pl-259 Solder On Installation Guide for RG8X Coaxial Cable

N Connector Installation (13mm /.500" Coax)

 Standing wave ratio can be very important when using a  transmitter. If the level of standing waves is too high then it can either damage t...

How To Use A Antenna Analyzer

  How to use an MFJ 259/269 Antenna Analyzer to check your antenna for SWR and resonance. 

Introduction to circuits and Ohm's law

 Khan Academy's mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Through our free technology and content, we've ope...

What is Ohm's Law in Circuit Analysis?

 Here we learn the most fundamental relation in all of circuit analysis - Ohm's Law.  Ohm's law relates the voltage, current, and resistance...

Capacitor Tutorial, Basic Introduction, Capacitance

 This physics tutorial provides a basic introduction into capacitors.  It explains the concept of capacitance and how it works.  It also dis...

 Karen discusses transistors. Rather than using a physical, mechanical switch, a transistor can act as an electronic switch, using signals t...

 Karen goes over how diodes work and shows you what happens when you hook it up to a power supply in a circuit. 

Reading Resistor Color Codes Fast

 How to read resistor color codes the easy way. And a bonus tip as well. 


I would like to thank those who  did the video's  and the websites for allowing us to us and share this information  to help others in Amate...

A simple guide to electronic components.

  A basic guide to identifying components and their functions for those who are new to electronics.  This is a work in progress, and I welco...